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Function: Ansvarlig søkerField area: SANDREDevelopment class: 3Show meaningHide significance

Ansvarlig søker, grade 3

Tasks and responsibilities of responsible applicant are determined by the Planning and Building Act section 23-4 and described in more detail in the Building Application Regulations section 12-2 letters a-m. Project class for the applicant function will depend on complexity, including how many responsible companies will have right of responsibility and be coordinated and how many responsible tasks in the Building Application Regulations section 12-2 are relevant to the project.

For projects where project planning and performance are in a higher project class but responsibility conditions are straightforward and there is little need for coordination, the project class for the applicant function will be low.

The responsible applicant is responsible for preparing a jobs profile for the project and making this evident in the implementation plan, ref. the Building Application Regulations section 9-3.

The responsible applicant is responsible for ensuring that all tasks are assigned responsibility, including responsibility for independent control, ref. the Building Application Regulations chapter 14.

The applicant function in project class 3 covers applications of great complexity, where there is a demanding need for coordination for project planning, execution and control.

For example this would include applications with many stages where the responsibility in the project is demanding and extensive coordination is needed.

Function: Uavhengig kontrollerendeField area: Overordnet ansvar for kontrollDevelopment class: 3Show meaningHide significance

Uavhengig kontrollerende, grade 3

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