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Name: ABMAS ELEKTRO ASOrg.no.: 986361642Municipality: OSLO
Name: ABO OPPMÅLING ASOrg.no.: 897978032Municipality: ASKER
Name: ABO PLAN & ARKITEKTUR ASOrg.no.: 879951542Municipality: BJØRNAFJORDEN
Name: ABO PLAN & ARKITEKTUR STORD ASOrg.no.: 917495637Municipality: STORD
Name: ABORA PROSJEKT ASOrg.no.: 982753589Municipality: BERGEN
Name: ABOT ASOrg.no.: 915331262Municipality: TØNSBERG
Name: ABP ELEKTRO ASOrg.no.: 998583470Municipality: ARENDAL
Name: ABRAHAMSEN TOREOrg.no.: 970046666Municipality: KRAGERØ
Name: ABRAHAMSSON & HAUGSTVEDT ASOrg.no.: 983543847Municipality: DRAMMEN
Name: ABRS RØR SÆTRE ASOrg.no.: 899327632Municipality: ASKER
Name: ABS-TEKNIKK ASOrg.no.: 813184672Municipality: TRONDHEIM
Name: ABS INSTALLASJON ASOrg.no.: 998228433Municipality: LARVIK
Name: ABSOLUTT ARKITEKTUR ASOrg.no.: 997912454Municipality: OSLO
Name: ABSOLUTT RØRSERVICE Terje Vidar RødOrg.no.: 883846532Municipality: OSLO
Name: ABT BYGG ASOrg.no.: 993298166Municipality: FÆRDER
Name: ABYGG v Arild MollestadOrg.no.: 994572938Municipality: KRISTIANSAND
Name: ACCIONA CONSTRUCCION S.A.Org.no.: 914890519Municipality: OSLO
Name: ACEL ASOrg.no.: 988233315Municipality: ÅLESUND
Name: ACO ANLEGG ASOrg.no.: 996342778Municipality: ÅLESUND
Name: ACRO BYGG ASOrg.no.: 986678166Municipality: OSLO
Name: ACTIVE ELEKTRO ASOrg.no.: 913552113Municipality: SANDNES
Name: ACUSTO ASOrg.no.: 960637402Municipality: OSLO
Name: AD ARKITEKTER ASOrg.no.: 980708942Municipality: LIER
Name: AD BALTIC KUPSYSOrg.no.: 996014681Municipality: OSLO
Name: AD OPPUSSING ASOrg.no.: 916619766Municipality: OSLO
Name: AD PROSJEKT BYGG ASOrg.no.: 996494225Municipality: LIER
Name: ADAM BYGG ASOrg.no.: 922036896Municipality: OSLO
Name: ADAMSTUEN BLIKKENSLAGERI ASOrg.no.: 984206291Municipality: OSLO
Name: ADAPTEO ASOrg.no.: 920954278Municipality: DRAMMEN
Name: ADAPTI INSTALLASJON ASOrg.no.: 987400641Municipality: MOSS
Name: ADAPTIV ARKITEKTUR ASOrg.no.: 995454432Municipality: SELJORD
Name: ADELTON ASOrg.no.: 913731301Municipality: ASKER
Name: ADITUS ASOrg.no.: 923383433Municipality: DRAMMEN
Name: ÅDNEGARD JOHANNOrg.no.: 970103929Municipality: GOL
Name: ADOLFSEN MASKIN OG TRANSPORT ASOrg.no.: 997040902Municipality: SENJA
Name: ADRIEN MANN AGENTURER ASOrg.no.: 985426732Municipality: ULLENSAKER
Name: ADVANSIA ASOrg.no.: 883889762Municipality: OSLO
Name: ADVISORWEST WAARDALOrg.no.: 913300610Municipality: ASKØY
Name: ADWIST BYGG ASOrg.no.: 819154562Municipality: ØYER
Name: AEKO ENTREPRENØR ASOrg.no.: 921469128Municipality: NORDRE FOLLO
Name: AELEKTRIKER ASOrg.no.: 923447067Municipality: NAMSOS
Name: AERIAL GEO SURVEY ASOrg.no.: 913440781Municipality: SANDEFJORD
Name: AERIS ASOrg.no.: 989797425Municipality: SKIEN
Name: AF AERONMOLLIER ASOrg.no.: 937775741Municipality: FLEKKEFJORD
Name: AF DECOM ASOrg.no.: 992097442Municipality: OSLO
Name: AF ENERGI ASOrg.no.: 983480535Municipality: OSLO
Name: AF GRUPPEN NORGE ASOrg.no.: 938333572Municipality: OSLO
Name: AFI ØSTSIDEN VANN OG VARME ASOrg.no.: 912348431Municipality: FREDRIKSTAD
Name: AFRY CONSULT ASOrg.no.: 934948262Municipality: SARPSBORG
Name: AFRY NORWAY ASOrg.no.: 915229719Municipality: OSLO


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