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Name: + ARK ASOrg.no.: 913779908Municipality: TØNSBERG
Name: 1-2 TRE ELEMENTPRODUKSJON ASOrg.no.: 980292738Municipality: TØNSBERG
Name: 1 2 3 SIVILARKITEKTER ASOrg.no.: 954718115Municipality: ASKER
Name: 100 % PAULSEN ASOrg.no.: 997947967Municipality: KARLSØY
Name: 123 RØR ASOrg.no.: 990143595Municipality: BERGEN
Name: 123TAK ASOrg.no.: 911593564Municipality: HAUGESUND
Name: 2 RØRLEGGERE ASOrg.no.: 986512551Municipality: OSLO
Name: 2 SNØMENN ASOrg.no.: 992357010Municipality: NORDRE FOLLO
Name: 24/7 RØRLEGGERVAKTEN ASOrg.no.: 920603637Municipality: OSLO
Name: 2H ELEKTRO ASOrg.no.: 897414562Municipality: NESODDEN
Name: 2PLAN BYGG ASOrg.no.: 998375509Municipality: FREDRIKSTAD
Name: 2R ARKITEKTUR ASOrg.no.: 920963927Municipality: OSLO
Name: 2S BYGG ASOrg.no.: 917041407Municipality: LILLESTRØM
Name: 2TAL ASOrg.no.: 955497643Municipality: ALTA
Name: 2TAL ELEKTRO ASOrg.no.: 985233632Municipality: LÆRDAL
Name: 2TAL UTEMILJØ ANLEGGSGARTNER ASOrg.no.: 919871466Municipality: NARVIK
Name: 2TAL UTEMILJØ MASKINENTREPRENØR ASOrg.no.: 919871512Municipality: NARVIK
Name: 3 - BYGGMESTER ASOrg.no.: 947246852Municipality: ULLENSAKER
Name: 3 BYGG GAUSDAL ASOrg.no.: 995277387Municipality: GAUSDAL
Name: 3 KLØVER ASOrg.no.: 990993718Municipality: TRONDHEIM
Name: 3 T BYGG ASOrg.no.: 918632514Municipality: MODUM
Name: 3B FLISLEGGER ASOrg.no.: 992784490Municipality: LILLESTRØM
Name: 3B. ENTREPRENØR ASOrg.no.: 918018816Municipality: ØRLAND
Name: 3D ARKITEKTER ASOrg.no.: 981490274Municipality: MIDT-TELEMARK
Name: 3D BYGG ASOrg.no.: 998894840Municipality: KARMØY
Name: 3H BYGG ASOrg.no.: 996043614Municipality: ASKØY
Name: 3RW ARKITEKTER ASOrg.no.: 977385369Municipality: BERGEN
Name: 3S BYGG ASOrg.no.: 923273891Municipality: ASKER
Name: 4B ARKITEKTER ASOrg.no.: 921934092Municipality: OSLO
Name: 4CON ASOrg.no.: 994601741Municipality: TIME
Name: 4CONSULT ASOrg.no.: 912801349Municipality: KLEPP
Name: 4H-VEST ASOrg.no.: 959807493Municipality: BJØRNAFJORDEN
Name: 7 FJELL VVS ASOrg.no.: 919755962Municipality: BERGEN
Name: 70 GRADER N ARKITEKTUR ASOrg.no.: 974281325Municipality: TROMSØ
Name: 7FJELL ENTREPRENØR ASOrg.no.: 912102262Municipality: BERGEN
Name: 993HJELP ASOrg.no.: 989467611Municipality: STAVANGER
Name: A-Å BYGG OG MASKIN ASOrg.no.: 918589961Municipality: STRYN
Name: A-ARK ASOrg.no.: 921897782Municipality: BÆRUM
Name: A-AULIE ASOrg.no.: 911577240Municipality: NES
Name: A-LAB ASOrg.no.: 982165105Municipality: OSLO
Name: A-MEMBRAN ASOrg.no.: 998823951Municipality: OSLO
Name: A-R HELGEMO VVSOrg.no.: 925010790Municipality: MIDTRE GAULDAL
Name: A-TRE KONSULT ASOrg.no.: 980333183Municipality: TØNSBERG
Name: A TIL Å SERVICE ASOrg.no.: 990145687Municipality: OSLO
Name: A & T RØR ASOrg.no.: 998195551Municipality: HORTEN
Name: A B BYGG ASOrg.no.: 920329136Municipality: KARMØY
Name: A B MASKIN DAOrg.no.: 988024805Municipality: KINN
Name: A BYGG ENTREPRENØR ASOrg.no.: 989575716Municipality: OSLO
Name: A FINSTAD CAD ASOrg.no.: 921156790Municipality: STEINKJER
Name: A K GRANHEIM ASOrg.no.: 958633564Municipality: LILLESTRØM


Phone: +47 22 47 56 00
The answer service for professional questions and for central approval is open from 9-15. You can also send us an email:

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Direktoratet for byggkvalitet
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Organizational number: 974 760 223
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