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Kolskogheiane 12, 5210 OS
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Postboks 186, 5202 OS
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Foretaket har ingen gyldig godkjennelse.

LYSE BETONGSTØP AS is approved according to earlier scheme for central approval. All companies that apply for central approval after 1 January 2016 will be part of the new scheme.What does having central approval mean?Hide

What is central approval?

With central approval, your company can make its qualifications clear to other companies, order placers and clients. It will also be perceived as a solid and serious company, in that it has always paid taxes and VAT as long as it has had the approval. As an option, you can also show that the company is a training company and has liability and occupational injury insurance.

Function: The function or role your company has in a building application (applicant, project planner, contractor, controller).

Professional or trade area: Professional or trade area that defines the work the company performs in a building application.

Project class: The tasks of a project must be placed in the correct project class: 1, 2 or 3. The project class will be stated depending on the project’s or task’s complexity, degree of difficulty and the consequences any faults or defects could have for health and safety and the environment. The project class determines the requirements for enteprise qualifications.

LYSE BETONGSTØP AS is approved in the following areas:
FunctionField areaDevelopment class